We have all missed gathering together on Sundays and other days of the week during this unprecedented time! I do hope and can sense that we are however, doing our best “to make the most of every opportunity” (Col 4:5) to spread the Good news in many ways, caring for one another as we connect via prayers, phones, emails, texts and distance waving! In spite of the lack of Sunday services, there is a great deal of Good that is going on @ FBCM!

Unfortunately, being apart also means that due to the lack of passing the offering plate we have a bit of a cash flow problem for the church. My guess is that many of you want to continue with regular giving during this time, but don’t know how.

If you would still like to make an offering for March, would you do so now using one of the methods below? Many of the ongoing costs of doing church remain the same, regardless of our occupancy, and we need to be good stewards of both our facilities and our connections to our service providers by paying what is due.

Please contact the office at 781-665-4470 and connect to Pam Ross who can walk you through what you need to know, or send  your check to the office.

Or connect with me, for this or any reason by emailing pastor.dee@comcast.net! Thank you, stay well, stay safe and stay far as we pray together for the day to come when we will once again… be together! Pastor Dee





Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things… And the God of peace will be with you.
– Philippians 4:8-9

Dear Family and Friends of FBCM,
It is week II of our social distancing mandate, and I do hope that everyone is one is staying afloat through these very uncharted waters!I have been praying, musing, thinking, praying some more, musing some more and thinking some more about what I may be able to share to encourage you, and me! The best sermons are those that the preacher preaches to herself, and this mini-sermonette is definitely for me!


Like you I have heard or read many news reports, social media posts, telephone calls, texts, messenger, or email discussions among friends all focusing on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

I also keep looking for answers to the question we all ask in times of crisis, what in the world is God doing?

If your world is shaking with a rating of +10 on the Richter scale, if your mountains of comfort are falling into the sea, you have a lot in common with King David! His God, our God spoke to him and gave him wisdom to share that is as pertinent now as it was thousand of years ago and will be until our Lord comes again!

Let’s discover together those truths: Open your text to the Psalms of David found, not surprisingly, centered in the middle of the Older and Newer Testament. Flip through to Psalm 46.

Read and breathe in the truth that is there for you, for me, for this time and for all of our times!

Together let’s make a decision to seek that God, our God that promised to be with us on this day of shaking and quaking, roaring and foaming waters, and know that, feel that (read it through until your very heart shouts it back)!    He Apply as needed!

I do hope that soon we can gather back again in our sanctuary and praise him for all that He is, and all of the many ways that we have seen him, but, until then I will be sending out periodic connecting notes to keep us connected!

I also thought it would be helpful for each of us to consider starting our daily prayer time as one body, many parts, many hearts in many places, with reading and perhaps memorizing the scripture in the header above from Paul’s letter to the Phillippian church. Let’s also pray as a concert of prayer together on each day for:

Mondays: Pray for those suffering from the corona virus, for their comfort, for healing and for safety for each who came in contact with them and all those who will.

Tuesdays: Pray for the scientists, researchers and doctors who are working towards a cure. Give them the wisdom, energy, endurance, patience and guidance that is needed for the miracle of science inspired by our Creator’s hand.

Wednesdays: Pray for health, protection, courage and endurance for the helpers, all who serve in the medical field, Doctors, Nurses, Physical Care givers, institutional support folks, those who cook the food, who serve the food, who clean the rooms, who monitor the parking lots, those who are in the pharmacies, the laundries, the sterilizing rooms, the supply rooms, the stock rooms, all are incredibly important to the process of healing and recovery!

Thursdays: Pray for the necessary equipment for all of the helpers so they can do what we need them to do for those we love and for us!

Fridays: Pray for our leaders, those who are in positions of authority to make the right decisions so that together we can have the best possible outcomes!

Saturdays: Pray that we each will be wise in using caution as we follow the guidelines to limit social interactions.

Sundays: Pray that the reality of God’s omnipotent power found in Revelation 19:16 will be manifested in each of our lives as we seek him!

 And remember, if you know of anyone in need of food, the Pantry volunteers have prepared bags of non-perishable food. Please have them call the office to arrange a time to pick-up.

 If you want to connect please do so by either email or my cell phone #978-821-4464. I am often forced to screen calls to avoid the numerous robo calls, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

As with many plans for this time, all of my personal plans for either vacation or retiring are presently on hold. We will see this through together!

 Blessed by serving with you! Pastor Dee




















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