Mission Statement:

To serve God’s children who are in need of a helping hand by providing food, encouragement, a list of resources (food stamps, WIC, thrift shops) and spiritual guidance, if requested.


Each person or family will be asked on their initial visit to provide us with information which will include their name, address, phone number (optional), number of family member, who referred them and what other needs they might have.  This information will be kept confidential and used only as a guide to track the frequency of visits and the amount of food being distributed.

Hours of Operation:

The Pantry of Hope is open every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Frequency of Visits:

Each person or family may only visit the pantry every other week.  This is so we may provide for as many people as possible.

Food Distribution Limits:

A limit of how many items that can be taken on each visit will be determined by the needs of the individual or family at the discretion of the food pantry coordinator.  This will also be determined by the amount of food on the shelves at the time of each visit.


Due to the amount of people visiting our pantry, and to the amount of food on our shelves, we have to limit each person to a total of ten items per visit.  You may select your items from the various categories of food that is available at the time of your visit.  You my choose only one item from each category unless otherwise instructed by the Pantry helpers.  If you have special circumstances and feel that you need more than ten items, please feel free to ask.  Please know that fulfillment of your request depends on the amount of food on the shelves and/or the amount of people needing assistance at the time of your request.  Access to the pantry will be restricted to two persons at a time unless otherwise directed by the helpers of the pantry.  Please sign in when you arrive and take a seat until it is your turn.  It is a pleasure to serve you.

Food Categories:
Canned Meat – tuna fish, spam, canned ham – choice of one only
Cookies & Crackers – choice of one only
Vegetables – two vegetables – counted as two items
Soups – two soups – counted as two items
Pasta & Sauces – one dry pasta & one sauce
Cereals, canned pasta, jelly, peanut butter
Coffee & Tea – choose one or the other
Condiments – choose only one
Baby Food – does not count toward 10 item limit
Freebies – choose up to two of the items labeled as free
Canned Fruit – one per visit
Any items not listed here will be decided on when you visit.